CSR & Sustainability


In fiscal 2020, Agostini’s Limited embarked on the journey to become a more sustainable business. To go beyond our Corporate Social Responsibility and lead as a business partner, an employer, a community member and an environmental steward in supporting our national and regional interests.

The Agostini’s Group of companies supports national and regional climate commitments to the Paris Climate Agreement. We will also ensure our efforts contribute to achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the global blueprint for a better and more sustainable future for us all. These SDGs inspire us to take bold and transformative steps to help shift the world onto a sustainable path.

In Fiscal 2021, we identified the material sustainability issues that impact the length and breadth of our organization. Throughout the year we provided key focus on Resource Conservation, Waste Management and Sustainable Sourcing.


To support our energy efficiency transition, comprehensive lighting surveys were conducted throughout all group companies based in Trinidad and Tobago. We anticipate to complete the conversion to energy efficient, low maintenance LED solutions in 2022.

These initiatives greatly improve the quality of lighting, positively enhancing stakeholder wellbeing and the overall operation. We are reducing the consumption and cost of utilities while significantly lowering the environmental impact of our organization.


Hanschell Inniss’ Voltaic installation that will provide them with 414 KVA of power, which will amount to more than 20 % of their electrical needs.


A Water Management Committee, leveraging our inhouse core competencies, was established at our manufacturing facilities. A Water Conservation Road Map has been developed. The team identified areas of opportunity and implemented process optimization initiatives to reduce overall water consumption. Preliminary initiatives have already begun to bear fruit as we intend to reduce our process water consumption by 30% from baseline levels in 2023.

We continue to limit the impact of our operations on the environment. Advancements to our waste-water program help limit the volume and improve the quality of effluent. We remain committed to exceed quality parameters established under the EMA Water Pollution Rules.


Waste management was expanded and optimized in 2021. Our robust waste segregation programs incorporate beverage containers (glass bottles, aluminum cans, Tetra Pak/cartons and PET plastic bottles), office paper (envelopes, magazines, copy paper, manila folders), corrugated materials (paper bags, cardboard boxes, corrugated slip sheets), and E-waste (used batteries, computer and printer components). All these materials have been diverted from landfills and are delivered to the appropriate authorities to be recycled.

Agostini's Goals of Sustainability - AGOS

Sustainability is a journey, not a destination. At Agostini’s....the journey has begun.

Grow our proprietary brands portfolio by sustainably refining the production, packaging, ingredients and functionality of our products.
Improve the water and energy efficiency of, and limit the effluent and GHG emissions from, our operations.
Develop and maintain robust solid waste management systems that support the reduction, reuse, repurpose and recycling of materials.
Impact investing in appropriate technology agribusiness that provides manufacturing inputs and finished products for new and existing markets.
Ensure a safe and healthy environment for all our stakeholders.
Assure our teams and establishments are representative of and responsible to the communities that we serve.
Enrich our communities by advancing transformative support and relationships.
Sustain and deliver purpose driven prosperity for all stakeholders.

At the Victor & Sally Mouttet Foundation, we aim to use H.O.P.E. to build a stronger nation, by giving every child the confidence and tools to fulfill their potential. We aim to bring H.O.P.E., which stands for:

H – Health
O – Opportunity
P – Potential
E – Education